17th May 2019 Scorpio Horoscope

A relaxed approach disproves the fact that relationships with your work colleagues turn out to be more complicated than you imagined and that, due to small mistakes, situations did not turn out as expected. Lowering such demanding standards avoids problems that ultimately lead to general improvements.

 Of course you are a friendly, compassionate person, Scorpio. Nowadays, your feelings are probably not just focused on those who are close to you, but also on the entire world population. A sense of unity with the billions you've never met could overwhelm you now. You may want to write down your impressions for later reference. Otherwise you could forget everything.

Your changing moods and unhappiness with yourself becomes a burden on your relationship. Share your feelings with your partner. Only then can he understand you and have the opportunity to deal positively with your moods. It would be ideal if both of you could find a solution to how best to overcome this awkward time. Maybe you go somewhere to distract yourself from everything? Maybe a joint movement to release steam?
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