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15th May 2019 Pisces Horoscope

Your advice on financial matters is in high demand, especially for projects that you conduct with others. Share your knowledge freely with them, but do not reveal everything. It costs too much energy and you will be too exhausted to pursue your own interests. Listen to what others have to say, because it would be a shame to pass on without getting something back.

An amusing argument could get out of hand today. Luckily you are not in the line of fire. The people in the midst of anger are all the usual suspects, and you should definitely keep your distance. Do not get carried away by their typical, boring and ridiculous dramas. It might be time to keep track of these quarrels, and when they reach a certain point, you might want to decide to stay away from these people forever.

You are currently very sensitive to the needs of your family. Everything is full of harmony and again and again you get some sweet kisses for the little things in your everyday life. Destiny supports you and brings you everything you could wish for. You should enjoy this inner balance and harmony with your loved ones. But still you should not get lazy! Do not forget: no effort, no success.
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