15th May 2019 Leo Horoscope

Since you can not know what the future holds and what can change quickly, you should be prepared to be flexible in financial matters as well. You could have unpleasant consequences if you make a big investment or acquisition now. If you get this advice, be skeptical and take some time to think about it because the information may not be the best.

The fascination of flatter things in fashion, celebrities, and gossip is a great way to waste time, but not a great way to enrich yourself. There is room for both funny and serious things, but you must now make sure that you maintain a good balance between triviality and substance. After all, you do not want people to get a false idea of ​​who you are and what motivates you. They are deeper than your current interests suggest. Start stimulating your mind more.

Do not reject your loved one when he or she poses the dreaded question, "What's wrong with you today?". If your only answer is a short "Nothing!", Accompanied by a face that's as long as a violin, just stir up the anger of your partner. It is no shame to put up with your bad mood and irritation. Of course you will be asked why. But having a person you trust and can talk to can be a gift.
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