15th May 2019 Capricorn Horoscope

When you introduce physical activity, your positive feelings improve, and as you build your core and the rhythm of your routine reaches a certain balance, you feel fit and rested. Recognize your vitality, others rely on your strength when a situation comes under pressure.

A bunch of missed connections could not make things so easy these days, but a good, honest fight never hurt anyone. It's time to overcome your fear of discomfort! Keep moving along the path you are on right now, no matter what roadblocks you may face today. The longer you go on, the better you will feel. People are interrupting your stream of thoughts with seemingly irrelevant questions, but you do not have to give them answers right now.

Since you currently seem to be a bundle of energy with so many good feelings for others, you will be able to control the moodiness of your partner and cheer him up with your new ideas, distract and inspire. You will be grateful for that and this will have a positive effect on the relationship. But be careful: Do not ask too much of your sweetheart, because if he or she does not always respond as you would like, it can lead to disappointment and disapproval on your part.
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