14th May 2019 Scorpio Horoscope

If you have difficulty relaxing and feeling nervous, relax for a while, it is no shame to feel temporarily unwell. You do not have to prove anything, but try to find an acceptable middle ground for your activities. Do only what you feel comfortable with and protect your body from unnecessary stress.

Here is a short message: Your boss is no smarter than you! Do not be too intimidated by titles or official rankings. Everyone is in the same team, and leadership is not completely fulfilled by the person who should be responsible. It is not necessary to blindly do what you are told. You know what to do and you can do it. As long as you work within the set rules, you can do it yourself.

Their social obligations are currently piling up. You are a very popular person and it is therefore not surprising that you receive many invitations. You do not even have to explain to your partner that you can not miss these events. But just today would be a good day for you to keep your head close to his ear and whisper. "I am glad to see you later"
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