13th May 2019 Capricorn Horoscope

If you are accustomed to neglecting sports activities on purpose, it is time to make a positive change. The revitalization of your body through exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It is a terrible mistake to ignore and overlook the immense inner impulse you are currently feeling and wasting all that energy.

Not everyone feels as comfortable with change as you. Remember when new ideas start shaking up your group today. Some people might freak out a bit and have trouble understanding everything. Try to convince these people that new ideas are nothing to fear. Suggest that they wait and remember that all upcoming transitions do not happen overnight.

Today you should treat yourself and your partner to something very special. Go out! Spend the evening in a romantic restaurant or treat yourself to a romantic movie at home. Remember that your relationship can not afford to be together without those rare, loving hours. The shorter the time together, the more intense your feelings can be.
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