13th May 2019 Cancer Horoscope

If you want to invest your savings in something new, now is the time to do it. People are open and honest with you so you can probably even trust your bank advisor. He will handle your money carefully and not just think about his own profit. If you are considering investing in something more tangible, do not hesitate to ask others for advice. If you decide against it, you have no negative consequences.

You have to put yourself first today. For too long, you have set other people's needs, needs and desires ahead of their own priorities. This was wise and brought you many good things, not to mention all the karma points you have collected. But today it's your turn. Say no to something you do not want to do, and do not feel guilty about it. Make your own plans, follow your own rules and enjoy yourself.

It's been a long time since you've attracted so much attention, so it's no wonder that things are currently flying in all directions, breaking beds and occasionally breaking a vase. They simply love each other with wild devotion and in the future will always appreciate how important it is to have a reliable and carefree partner by your side. In your case, you will appreciate that such kindness is the best thing that could happen to both of you.
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