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13th May 2019 Aries Horoscope

Both mind and body are in perfect harmony, you feel completely fit. Do not overdo your exercise program. What appears to be a logical amount of activity does not always correspond to your energy level. Too much strenuous training can lead to problems. So take control, be careful and apply some discipline.

Whatever feelings you feel today should embrace and celebrate. From elation to depression, everything should have a reasonable amount of time. So do not suppress the unpleasant attack of the giggles (and the longer you laugh, the more likely it is that people around you are involved). The same applies to a blue mist, which can descend on you in the late afternoon. Let those feelings be felt, it's the healthiest way to get through them.

You will be in a happy position in your relationship, not just dreaming, but actually actively living it. You see no limits. Wishes are fulfilled and if you think of the infinite history now and then, you should indulge in the enchantment! Love is one of the most wonderful feelings, and you are fortunate to experience it more intensively than ever before. Enjoy the support of the stars
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