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13th May 2019 Aquarius Horoscope

In your private life, you feel like you're walking through a minefield - a wrong move, and there's going to be an explosion. This will really put you to the test. Do not let others accuse you for everything, sometimes they are to blame. Remember to be open to other views when it comes to solving problems. Balancing both is a difficult but not impossible task.

If you've been overwhelmed by the details of an upcoming event, today you'll feel an explosion of energy and positive thinking that will help you deal with it. Their changed attitude could be due in large part to a new person in the scene. Are you trying to impress someone? It's amazing how motivating that can be, right? Of course, it's okay to use that person as a reason to buckle up, but in the end, you have to do what you do for yourself.

Also in your relationship, the roles in your partnership could change or an external force could be the cause of some turbulence. Since you do not currently have an inner balance, you should make sure that you do not overreact to surprises in your life. You should concentrate on what you have and what you want and then approach everything with inner serenity.
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