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12th May 2019 Taurus Horoscope

At the moment you need financial security, but do not let yourself be cautious. Down-to-earth thinking and well-planned financial measures are sufficient. There will be no big surprises at the moment anyway. Reward yourself with something instead of refusing all the time.

Listening to someone is never a waste of time, no matter how impatient you feel. It's a waste of time to make a hasty decision that turns out to be a wrong decision, and then you have to go back and start over. You now need to be more patient and concentrate on research and planning rather than taking action. Take the time to make the right decisions and hear the opinions of people who are interested in you.

To avoid a constant feeling of irritation, you should point out to your sweetheart: too little stroking can often lead to frustration and tension. "Yes, I want you to hold me in your arms and feel your hand on my shoulder." There is nothing wrong with expressing your needs as long as your tone is not unnecessarily accusatory.
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