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12th May 2019 Scorpio Horoscope

If you feel pressured in any way, it is much better to take a break during strenuous activities as further pressure is not desired. You do not want to cause any complications that are in addition to those you are already struggling with. You need to demonstrate restraint, slow down and make your life easier.

Be prepared to revise some of your last-minute plans because your famous flexibility will come in handy! In the middle of a project you will notice an unusual little detail that has escaped your eyes so far. Instead of being involved in blame, you only need to fix the issues that need to be addressed. You do not have much time to figure out what went wrong. Just do what you need to do.

You have a very loving partner, but your heart is currently playing only small pieces and therefore you may not feel like having a love life. Therefore, you should first accept your changed feelings and look for alternatives. Your wishes and ideas will return soon and before you even notice, you and your partner will be in your arms again.
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