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12th May 2019 Leo Horoscope

You face complex problems and a series of seemingly impossible tasks. Try to look at things from a different perspective and find original solutions. Any help from colleagues, as long as you know they are well-meant things, will help your recovery and get you back on track.

Her recent success has not gone unnoticed by some people who could be called celebrities in your world. You should be even more proud than you are. It's time for you to look in the mirror and see what you are rather than what you are not. It is not a bad thing to share your opinion with more people, especially if you know what you are talking about! Indulge in this recognition that you have earned.

The one who sows the seeds of wrath will reap the storm. The same applies to relationships and in this particular case to your partnership. Again and again you tend to make impossible demands on your lover, and then you unnecessarily get angry if he or she can not satisfy them. If you have a heated argument today, you should ask yourself if this is the way to go
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