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12th May 2019 Capricorn Horoscope

Everything you do in the end is successful and gives you satisfaction. You gain the respect and admiration of your colleagues, making sure you do not take on too many new tasks. It's better to postpone one project or drop another and instead focus on doing all the work that is still open.

Today, one can expect to cope with a swarm of seemingly insignificant but extremely annoying problems. If you beat them off, as you would mosquitoes, they will come back again and again (and drive you crazy!). Find thorough solutions to these problems. Half things will not work today. Take a moment to apply insect repellent and light a citronella candle. This will cost you much less time than a day full of blows.

Harmony and happiness are the most important requirements in your partnership. You feel safe and can therefore express your deepest wishes to your partner easily. This not only improves your love life, but also strengthens the mutual trust between you. You should enjoy this time of such a friendly behavior and perhaps even revive long-forgotten erotic teasing.
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