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11th May 2019 Aquarius Horoscope

Your finances are not in good health. It seems you can not see what benefit you can derive from it and make one mistake after another. Do not put up with any major investments that your financial advisers can not afford. Stick to smaller expenses to limit possible damage.

Increasing the heat with a sizzling flirtation seems to be a great way to promote a new romance, but you have to keep in mind that the higher the heat, the more likely you are to burn yourself. Let a funny flirt just be what it is and do not look at it as a mere prelude to something better. Enjoy your life as it is today and let things develop naturally. You can not fast forward your love life no matter how much you want.

Things have changed a long time and not everything has stayed the same. Especially in relation to your love life your partner and you do not connect as well as you do. However, this is not a necessary development. Today is the ideal day to solve long overdue problems and make a fresh start. Be brave and talk about your common wishes and ideas! You will see that the connection of your hearts is closer than you thought.
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