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Virgo Horoscope 30th April 2019

You are calm, relaxed and have a reasonable attitude to your fitness. Little hinders you from pushing yourself to the limit, and you can do energetic activities that show exceptional resilience and strength. They seem completely unconcerned about the future - be prepared for change.

Your daily routine gets pretty upset - and not a moment too early! There are several surprises (good and bad), and you can kiss boredom goodbye! A person you do not particularly like leaves your life forever, and if you're invited to a good trip, the stars say you should go. To leave bad blood between you two is not good. Agree to disagree and wish them well for their future. It is the right thing.

Your thirst for action and your energy also have a positive effect on your relationship. Not only do you employ your partner in a variety of endeavors, you also strive for excitement, distraction and experimentation in the bedroom. If your partner is ready for anything, it is good and good. But be careful that you do not overwhelm him or her.
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