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Sagittarius Horoscope 29th April 2019

In all the activities you are involved in, both your mind and body need more relaxation than you allow. Listen to your body and do something good for your health. Pay more attention to the balance between activity, relaxation and enjoyment. A deep massage often works wonders.

Get ready for a day's elimination-on a day when you have a stupid tune in your head, you have difficulty concentrating, and you do not seem to remember names and other information. You may need to let go of these things and try not to be too frustrated with yourself. At the moment, music and art are particularly appealing to you, but there is a certain discrepancy between what your conscious mind can focus on and what your subconscious mind can handle.

Do not reject your loved one when he or she asks the dreaded question, "What's wrong with you today?" your partner's annoyance It's no shame to put up with your bad temper and irritability. Of course you will be asked why. But having a person you trust and can talk to can be a gift.
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