Sagittarius Horoscope 10th April 2019

Carry out your financial affairs with moderation. At the moment you are very satisfied, but you should weigh the pros and cons, even if you are borrowing money. Do not let borrowers make false promises and document everything in writing. So you can sleep at night and protect your assets.

Your mood will be pretty unpredictable today, but you should not have too much trouble keeping it under control. Your sense of who you are and how you work is the right goal, so trust him. Listen, if you feel like I want to be alone. You know each other better than ever before, which means that you know what will trigger you. Pay attention to people who show annoying childhood or pettiness for which you will have little patience today.

Arguments between your partner and you are currently not on the agenda. Together they will experience a very harmonious time in which your partner obviously cares about your well-being and treats you with much consideration. Be aware that he or she does not have to go too far in this regard. If the relationship has a healthy balance, both partners will meet their needs in the long term.
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