Libra Horoscope 30th March 2019

In financial terms, it does not look good. They are too hesitant and can not take the initiative at the right time. Lack of concentration makes your judgment vary. Avoid difficult decisions, because it is very likely that you make a mistake and cause problems for yourself. Lower your visibility for the time being.

If you find you have more work than you can satisfactorily do, accept the help offered or ask others for help when needed. Let your colleagues know how grateful you are, how much you appreciate and value their help. By working together in this way, you reduce all stress.

Do you sometimes feel rejected by your partner? Maybe it's your overwhelming way. It's great that you know what you want. But does it really always have to be here and now? Try to be empathetic to your partner and follow the path of tenderness and gentleness. This will not put your partner under such pressure and in the end it will be more fun for both of you.
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