Leo Horoscope 4th April 2019

They feel energetic, physically fit and mentally in great shape. Drain excess pent-up energy with a power outlet by jogging, perhaps with a group of friends. The best you can do is simply listen to your body and find out what it feels like. In this way you will increase your health even more.

You are more flexible than ever - both in your mind and in your body! This is a great day to explore a new kind of physical exercise like yoga, kickboxing or even ballroom dancing. Your creativity will help you find your way around quickly and even create your very own flair. For almost everything you do today, you can find a different approach - from preparing coffee to putting up a line on the new darling, you'll love turning your things.

A day like today can mean a total revival for your relationship. But your good mood and thirst for action should not make you insensitive to the needs of your sweetheart. There's nothing worse than having a comedian when you're in a bad mood. Therefore, you should first find out what is possible today in accordance with your two moods. The important thing is that it is a joint activity. For a fancy dinner or self-cooking, going to the cinema, going to the theater or playing games, use your imagination.
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