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Leo Horoscope 28th April 2019

Lively for warning signals from your body, you notice that you have more stress than normal. Include short rest periods in your hectic daily routine. Do not force yourself to exercise or unnecessarily burden your body. Do not waste your energy. Use what you have carefully constructed and create an oasis of calm.

If the status of a relationship is not very clear, try opening your eyes a little further. If you do not see things as they really are, it may be because you're worried that the picture is not as bright as you wish. But you are dealing with your own happiness and your future and knowing that the truth is better than living in blissful ignorance. To see things as they really are does not always require courage, sometimes only a little self-esteem. Besides, things are not as bad as you think.

In your relationship, a thunderstorm seems to be brewing. It can be a thunderstorm that cleans the air, but it can also reduce any tension between you. It depends a lot on you. A fair conversation to clarify things most likely leads to a close conversation. Tell your partner what you do not like about his behavior. Be specific and do not make general allegations. Maybe you just have to clear up some simple misunderstandings.
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