Leo Horoscope 12th April 2019

You feel fit and use your high energy to your advantage by exercising some form of recreational activity. See how your performance increases your stamina and overall fitness. It is an opportunity to stop drinking and smoking too much alcohol if you do so, and to improve your diet and your long-term health.

A new field of interest may require a lot of concentration for the next few days, Leo. They could study a new spiritual discipline or an intellectual problem, such as the functioning of the universe or both. Her mind is particularly hot at the moment, so this is a good time to start a new study. Take occasional breaks to avoid back pain and eyestrain.

At the moment, you may feel more likely to break out of your relationship at least once. One thing is clear - there are far too many beautiful people. But do not hesitate, take a minute and think about your great luck! Because before you can even make your way to the door, your partner understands the situation and can turn your attention very smartly on yourself.
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