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Gemini Horoscope 28th April 2019

Do not pass the time without fully utilizing the athletic abilities that you know you own. What you most appreciate is that exercise does not require much effort on your part, it is your overall well-being that enhances your fitness. Add a wellness day to your weekly routine, take care of your body.

Try not to feel too emotional when communicating today, when someone says without thinking or something provocative, not immediately defensive. Chances are, the way you hear things is not what it was meant to be. You must try to rise above this kind of misunderstanding and look at the situation objectively and rationally. Otherwise, you might start something that will be very uncomfortable.

Today is the ideal day for romantic hours with your partner. You should finally find out about the obligations you have long had on your shared task list. You may even surprise your partner after work with a candlelight dinner and romantic music. However, it is beneficial to your relationship and you will benefit from it for some time.
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