Capricorn Horoscope 8th April 2019

In your private life, not everything works the way you want. Friends and family have their own desires and goals and are not obligated to consider them. Although it is difficult, accept that some situations do not go according to plan. Try to change your perspective and understand others' views. This is currently the best strategy.

A few wonderful things in your life are coming to an end, it is true, but if you take a moment to look around today, you will also see some very beautiful things begin. A relationship between two people who are near you is coming to an end and that can deeply affect you. It's okay to ask for the time you need to process your feelings. You know how long it will take for you to adapt, and your loved ones will understand. Trust yourself.

Do not forget that good relationships always consist of compromises. In this regard, a little more sensitivity and consideration on your part is required. It's not always easy: you should always try to free yourself from the air and avoid misunderstandings in the first place. Otherwise, it could come to a pretty violent dispute.
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