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Capricorn Horoscope 30th April 2019

Body and mind are especially balanced. They have the energy they need to implement long-awaited plans. Take the opportunity to build up new strength and build your stamina with some perseverance, so you are well prepared and ready to respond to upcoming challenges.

Transitions can be tricky things if you make a change in your life, would you like to change for the better, right? Today, you get an idea or opportunity for change that may seem a bit too extreme. Give him a passport now, and hold on until something more accessible comes into focus. You should now decide in small steps for positive changes. The stars say that it is not advisable to disturb your usual routine too much.

Harmony and happiness are the most important demands in your partnership. You feel safe and therefore you can easily express your deepest wishes to your partner. This not only improves your love life, but also strengthens the mutual trust between you. You should enjoy this time with such friendly behavior and perhaps revive long-forgotten erotic teasing.
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