Cancer Horoscope 7th April 2019

Be careful when handling money. An immediate capital investment can have very negative, if not catastrophic, consequences, as it is very likely that you support the wrong horse. If you have been planning to buy for a long time, wait a little longer - events are likely to occur soon and disrupt your plans.

It is important that you keep up to date today. There are some sippies on your normal route. To act quickly and keep your balance, you need to have a quick mind. A simple but necessary ingredient for your day is a good breakfast! The diet you give yourself when you start the day is the only foundation upon which you need to build. The better you build it, the better your day will be. Staying focused is not just about being vigilant, it's about being healthy.

Your mood is above average today. They are very talkative, which makes you extremely popular and enables you to tell your partner exactly what he wants to hear. Therefore, you should be very satisfied. But just in your love life you demand the impossible. You expect your darling to be submissive and strong, trusting and critical, tenderly loving and ferocious. You should take a step back and reflect on yourself, otherwise your relationship could come under pressure and suffer a heavy blow.
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