Cancer Horoscope 29th April 2019

When you have fulfilled your daily tasks, invest time to deepen your inner feeling. Lose yourself in contemplation. Create a meditative atmosphere with soft light, fragrant oils and appropriate music. You will forget the hectic world outside, relax and gain deeper insights.

Like a yo-yo today, you'll be bouncing between extreme highs and extreme lows. This float tests the limits of your flexibility and your patience. The good news is that you will not have too many problems dealing with these altitude changes, no matter how sudden or unexpected they are. The bad news is that you probably will not get as much recognition as you deserve, that everything looks so easy.

You are currently very sensitive to the needs of your family. Everything is full of harmony and again and again you get sweet kisses for the little things in your everyday life. Fate supports you and brings you everything you can wish for. You should enjoy this inner balance and harmony with your loved ones. Nevertheless, you should not get lazy! Do not forget: no effort, no success.
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