Aquarius Horoscope 6th April 2019

Intensify your contacts with people because you are especially sympathetic right now. Plan your free time with family and good friends and above all, make your plans together. Maybe you want to call an old friend. The time is perfect to revive and strengthen old bonds. This makes it easy for you to make new contacts and maybe even lifelong friendships.

If you were curious about avant-garde ideas or countercultures, today gives you an interesting opportunity to learn more about what interests you. It will come in the form of a rather irreverent personality, either at noon or in the early afternoon. So be prepared to engage in some colorful conversations and raised eyebrows. This idiosyncratic person adds a little zipper to your day, not to some pep to your step.

It's been a long time since you've attracted so much attention, so it's no wonder that everything is flying in all directions right now, beds creek and crack, and now and then break a vase. They simply love each other with wild devotion and in the future you will always appreciate the importance of having a reliable and, above all, uncomplicated partner by your side. In your case, you'll appreciate that coziness is the best thing that could happen to both of you.
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