Virgo Horoscope 19th March 2019

Your physical condition and overall health will improve if you stay calm. The strength you have is increased as you master your energy level. Too much exhausting exercise can tire you out. If this is the case you need to relax and sleep enough to regenerate your body.

Do you feel a growing sense of responsibility towards someone who is new? Be careful when dealing with these feelings now, because you still do not know who you are dealing with. They can cross a border without realizing it, and it is very important to respect the personal boundaries created by other people. Do not urge anyone to do something that makes you feel reluctant. Take things slowly and use your charm to lure someone out of their shell.

Do not be surprised that your partner is hiding from you today. It is quite possible that others will literally feel your inner tension and imbalance. Sometimes you tend to be unreasonably jealous, which can destroy a good deal of trust. In discussions, you should stay calm and think about whether the occasion justifies your anger at all.
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