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Virgo Horoscope 18th March 2019

Your uncontrollable energy causes big problems. They are in a state of inner turmoil and find it difficult to remain calm. Your friends and relatives find your behavior completely unpredictable. They can not make you out. Talk to others about your mental health - they will understand you better and give good advice.

There is a big turning point in your life that is causing stress right now. Either you are impatient for the arrival or you are nervous about what it means for you and the people you love. Help yourself today by taking a break from all considerations! Let go of the worries and get rid of another list of advantages and disadvantages. They were objective enough for long enough. Instead, you should think with your heart.

At the moment one should not forget that especially in a relationship nothing can be forced! Feelings are like a jumping ball and when they hit, sparks fly. Therefore, do not close your eyes to the real and avoid frustrations! Focus on your sweetheart and just tell him how much you love him
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