Virgo Horoscope 16th March 2019

You simply can not find the right way to get the most out of your transactions. No matter what you do, your investments are prone to losses. Of course, positive results can not be enforced, so do not try to find your own way. It would be wrong to buy things to comfort yourself - you could end up with empty pockets.

It's not the most comfortable feeling in the world, but tension is not always a bad thing - in fact, it can often make the most of you. A stressful situation can give your creativity and intelligence a very satisfying jolt. So stop looking for people who are completely compatible with you. If you surround yourself only with like-minded people, your mind and soul will no longer be challenged - and they will not grow any longer.

You would like to see everyone the way you want. But today you could avoid some difficulties if you simply ask your sweetheart what you want. Tell your partner that you need some attention. Maybe in the form of a massage. Or maybe it's even the right way to take a bath together or go to the sauna. This is the best way to get new energy and do something good for yourself.
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