Pisces Horoscope 19th March 2019

You are in good shape, but there is no reason to be inactive. If this is the case you should either go horseback riding, swimming, hiking or even skiing. A busy and well-nourished body is exactly what you need to get in top form. Test your physical stamina as often as possible.

The ongoing negotiations with which you led should reach a milestone today - progress is in the air and things should finally look promising! If nothing happens by the afternoon, make an important (and probably difficult) decision. It might be time to reduce your losses and keep going. There is a point where continued effort only wastes your energy ... and that point is approaching rapidly. It is not advisable to continue the same way after today.

Everything is lovingly in your relationship. You enjoy the trust of your partner and neither the romance in everyday life nor the romance are neglected. These auspicious signs give you the opportunity to talk about problems that you have been carrying around for some time - or perhaps you have special needs and desires in your relationship that you would like to express. Find the courage to finally talk about it.
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