Pisces Horoscope 13th March 2019

Do not move your plans and projects more than necessary. It is the ideal time to tackle new projects and explore previously untried strategies. Try to test and test an as yet untried approach, if possible, but remain rooted in reality. Do not ignore any support offers; promoting help is ultimately more beneficial.

You feel extremely romantic and passionate today, fish. If you have experienced a rupture with your partner or a beloved partner, this is the day you can make amends. Why not book in an intimate restaurant? A night may be just what you need to rekindle that spark. You certainly have enough passion to put the spark in a permanent flame.

In terms of relationship, the signs point to a fresh start for you. On the one hand, this can mean that a new person invades your life that completely captivates you. On the other hand, it may mean that your relationship takes an unexpected turn. You may get to know a completely new side of your partner and kindle the passion in your relationship.
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