Libra Horoscope 27th March 2019

Today is not a good day for financial adventures. They are a bit sluggish and are not creative at all. Avoid ambitious projects. They do not have the necessary willpower to successfully complete them. Wait for better times, because if you try to get things done now, they will fight back.

Bring a troubled friend into your newly found happiness today ... you will appreciate the gesture and it will be more supportive than you think. When you connect with other people, you can be sure there is always someone to talk to you - it's the reciprocity of friendship. Ask them to tell you what they are going through, and during the conversation you may find that they help you develop new ideas without getting too involved in your own mind.

In your relationship you are easily irritated, but that does not help to make things better. You burst over trifles and can not really see a future together. But do not forget that these feelings are just a phase and if you are honest with yourself: you will regret it later and wish you had been more thoughtful! You should better think about how you want to deal with your bad moods.
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