Virgo Horoscope 11th February 2019

If you're confused or frustrated by relationship issues, the stars say it's time to move away from them - at least for a short while. It is time for you to face your fear of being alone, and there is only one way to do it. Get on a solo date. Go where you feel pampered - be it a fancy restaurant, a chic spa or a row of seats in the front row in the theater. Remember that you deserve to be treated well and you will be treated well.

Do not forget that good relationships always consist of compromises. In this regard, a little more sensitivity and consideration from your side is required. It's not always easy: you should always try to free yourself from the air and avoid misunderstandings in the first place. Otherwise, it could come to a pretty violent dispute.

Not everything works the way you want in your private life. Friends and family have their own desires and goals and are not obligated to consider them. Although it is difficult, accept that some situations do not go according to plan. Try to change your perspective and understand others' views. This is currently the best strategy.
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