Scorpio Horoscope 13th February 2019

Try to keep calm and avoid conflict situations. Your temperament could get hotter as you (and the people around you) are prepared for the preparation. Emotions are tricky, unpredictable things, and yours will take you today for quite a ride. To make this trip as comfortable as possible, you need to look for quiet, peaceful situations. Even if you feel the need to defend someone, do not do it. Let that person handle it alone.

Things have changed for a long time and not everything has remained the same. Especially in relation to your love life, your partner and you do not connect as well as before. However, this is not a necessary development. Today is the perfect day to solve long-overdue issues and make a fresh start. Be brave and talk about your common wishes and ideas! You will see that the connection of your hearts is closer than you thought.

Health less stress is an important issue. The pressure you are experiencing is no reason to give up your exercise program or be completely lethargic. Make sure you do not overdo your fitness. Gradually find a balance between what is appropriate and a recovery process that suits both your body and your mind.
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