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Leo Horoscope 5th February 2019

While the proud lion in you likes to have all the answers, there comes a time when you need to be brought to the next level by expert help. And no, it's not about watching YouTube videos and doing extensive Google searches. Do not waste valuable time doing important tasks. Today's Moon-Mercury conjunction could bring one of your big companies a supporting partner. When the guarded Earth Dog hangs the wand on the friendly Earth Pig, consider this Lunar New Year the beginning of a more collaborative workflow.

They tend to take on too many projects at once and are far too daring and demanding. If you need to solve problematic issues with your colleagues, a moderate approach is the best way. Do not try to force problems. Treat the people you work with fairly and with respect if you want to make progress.

You have a lot to do! If you are not careful, you can suffer unexpected losses. Another problem is your frivolous attitude towards spending, which can be very dangerous when bills need to be paid. Instead, practice mitigation. If you want to make profits again, you must be patient.
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