Leo Horoscope 10th February 2019

Do not push too hard on your body, but put your feet up instead. This does not mean sitting back and doing absolutely nothing, making leisure time easier and not getting so tired every day. Provide a period for your well-being, let body and mind have a lot of relaxation and fresh air.

Do not take away your frustrating moods and misfortunes, especially from your partner. If you want to let off steam, try physical exercise! Run to clear your head, or let off steam while cycling! You will surely notice that your efforts are valued by your partner, and that a pleasant time spent together is much more likely.

Do not let your frustration interfere with your work, even if there seems to be trouble among your colleagues. Instead, try to keep the interactions with them from blocking your progress. Despite the fluctuating circumstances that affect your ability to stay focused and stay on track, this is only a temporary phase.
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