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Gemini Horoscope 1st February 2019

Are you involved in a search in every store for a particular article, Gemini? You could search for a long time. The object you need is not found in the local mall. Second-hand shops, obscure boutiques, antique out-of-town shops - all of these have more of what you want than any of the shops you normally visit. Be brave and take a chance. You could really enjoy it.

At the moment, you may feel more likely to break out of your relationship at least once. One thing is clear - there are far too many beautiful people. But do not hesitate, take a minute and think about your great luck! Because before you can even make your way to the door, your partner understands the situation and can turn your attention very smartly on him.

Everything is streamlined and makes good progress at work. All open problems are solved, and new ones are handled easily. Do not be unnecessarily tired or start too many projects, focus on the day-to-day tasks, find out what you really want to achieve and stay open-minded to your colleagues.
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