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Do You Know, What is Watching Pakistanis On Youtube? | Youtube Pulse | Story Of 3 Pakistani siblings | Kitchen With Amna

With YouTube expected to be the most widely used video viewing platform in Pakistan, a recent study shows how quickly the site reached the peak.

Directed by Kantar TNS, Gabriel Jimenez provides insights into the comprehensive and solid understanding that the video streaming website has received from the Pakistani public since the ban was lifted in 2016.

After the site became accessible again, YouTube took off in a short space of more than two years. From just eight creators in 2016 with over 100,000 subscribers to more than 650 channels in Pakistan, which have surpassed the number by 2018.

According to the study, the main content that the Pakistani public consumes on the site ranges from sports, news / talk shows, TV / cinema, music, comedy, beauty, travel and food.

Top Categories Searched By Pakistanis:

1) Sports
2) Movies
3) News And Talk Shows
4) Music
5) Beauty 
6) Food
7) Travel
8) Comedy 
9) Pranks

Most Engagement:
The study shows that around 70% of Pakistanis watch YouTube videos monthly, while 78% endorse the site as the first priority for watching videos.

In addition, the study shows that the tech giant has managed to reach 80 percent of the country's millennials living in major cities.

Apart from that, YouTube was also named as the most popular video sharing platform by around 64% of online users in the country, while 63% said they saw the content of the site accompanied by their families and friends. The survey found the highest number of users on YouTube during the prime time of the TV channel from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

The data collected also shows that destination ads on YouTube have helped 50% of users choose between products and brands, while 68% of respondents to the site were getting to know about goods.

Statistics also showed that 43% of Pakistani YouTube users stated that advertising on the site was more relevant than television, while 40% said they were more credible in comparison.

In addition, the confidence that builds between YouTube and its audience can be well represented by the audience's consumer choice. 60% of respondents say the videos on the platform help them decide on the products and brands.

On the other hand, 64% of users in the country are referred to the sites mentioned in the videos or on the watch page.
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