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Cancer Horoscope 6th February 2019

Tighten the brakes and gently approach how you treat your body. Try to treat yourself to as much rest and relaxation as possible. A healthier mindset is more important when you are under stress. Think carefully about whether it is worth consuming energy reserves, and when it is not a good idea.

Your mood is above average today. They are very talkative, which makes you extremely popular and enables you to tell your partner exactly what he wants to hear. Therefore, you should be very satisfied. But just in your love life you demand the impossible. They expect your sweetheart to be submissive and strong, trusting and critical, tenderly loving and ferocious. You should take a step back and reflect on yourself, otherwise your relationship could come under pressure and suffer a heavy blow.

You are besieged in your own home and in your family circle. People constantly criticize you and you feel that you are doing everything wrong. Take time to think about it before answering, because they might be right on some points. If you are sober, your family will get back to you very quickly.
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