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Aries Horoscope 5th February 2019

Feeling crazy, Aries? Today's frenetic mashup of Moon and Mercury in Aquarius makes it hard for you to focus on everything! You are easily distracted from romantic perspectives and your busy social calendar, which could affect your productivity. If you hope to finish your work on time, press your nose to the whetstone and concentrate. Celebrate Happy Hour with colleagues tonight or visit an industry network. Mixing business and pleasure can pay off - especially as the Lunar New Year is tagged today and the gregarious mood of Earthweaver is born.

They address problems competently and professionally, have the right answers and provide solutions. Colleagues seek your advice and consider what you say to be important, credible and rewarding. Stay accessible and do not be too far away. The help you can give others is rewarded.

Do not pass the time without fully utilizing the athletic abilities that you know you own. What you most appreciate is that exercise does not require much effort on your part, it is your overall well-being that enhances your fitness. Add a wellness day to your weekly routine, take care of your body.
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