Aquarius Horoscope 15th February 2019

As long as you know where your future plans are going, take a break to restore your energy. A short vacation helps to build up strength for each upcoming project. No matter if it's a healthy weekend or a trip to your chosen beauty spot. It is important to relax so that you feel regenerated.

If you have a relationship, you should hold on to a dreamlike future! Because there is currently no way, it could be better. You feel safe and well and still feel very attracted to your partner. An ideal situation. Enjoy your shared dreams and the wonderful times that come for you both.

Do not look now, but you have reached a critical point with someone you care about more and more. All you have to do is make a final push in the direction of things to go, and that person will eventually communicate the message you want to hear. It's not about forcing someone to show you the way, but proving that you mean what you say. You get many points for the follow-through today. Be consistent in your actions and you get what you want.
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