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Leo Horoscope 27th January 2019

This day is the right day to take on your firm beliefs - and then throw them out the window. It's important to put your new ideas into practice today, no matter how impractical or tedious they may be. If you wait for a time when these new changes can be seamlessly inserted, you wait a very long time. There will always be a time of adjustment, but you can make that time as painless as possible if you act soon.

No, it's not a disaster if your partner does not agree with everything you say today. You should be glad that you have them to correct your opinions. They tend to value your own opinion somewhat overly and positively. No matter what, you like to prove yourself as efficient, potent, smart and sexy. It's an understandable wish, but its execution can make you appear in knots. If you have smaller battles today, you will certainly be the cause.

They are too busy with themselves to run a successful business. Avoid complicated deals or risky investments as these could become a flop. Reduce your expenses to the necessary. Resistance is useful because you regain your old money-making instincts on time.

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