Leo Horoscope 24th January 2019

Like a lighthouse on a stormy night, today you could serve some important people as a lifesaving lighthouse. Your instincts are just right, so speak up if you smell a rat today. The rulers rely on your judgment to make the right decisions. Do not hold back how you really feel, but you may want to soften your hardest feelings with a touch of charm and diplomacy. You become a very valuable employee.

Your uncontrollable energy causes big problems. They are in a state of inner turmoil and find it difficult to remain calm. Your friends and relatives find your behavior completely unpredictable. They can not make you out. Talk to others about your mental health - they will understand you better and give good advice.

You have a lot to do! If you are not careful, you can suffer unexpected losses. Another problem is your frivolous attitude towards spending, which can be very dangerous when bills need to be paid. Instead, practice mitigation. If you want to make profits again, you have to be patient.
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