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Leo Horoscope 20th January 2019

Participation in groups will be very enjoyable for you today. Sometimes it takes strong teamwork to make a big impact, and you're lucky enough to be part of a team that really knows how to make a statement. Participate more than you usually do, and do not let your brilliant ideas and jokes be unsaid. Show your playful side and feel free - a part of friends and people you love! They will laugh at their jokes every time, no matter how cheesy they are.

You should avoid your partner today to avoid conflicts. But that's not up to your partner, but to yourself! When you talk to each other, you rarely find the right tone, you are overly responsive and irritated for the least possible reason. Give your partner the chance to find a different opinion or compromise. Otherwise, the coming days are full of fights.

If you are feeling nervous, be discreet and take control of your feelings. Otherwise, you disturb the casual atmosphere between you and your colleagues. You achieve your goals and approach your ultimate goals if you avoid conflicting discussions with your colleagues.
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