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Gemini Horoscope 31st January 2019

There is much to say for the physical world, especially today, when you are looking for concrete examples of innovative ideas or new philosophical concepts. This corporeality can exist in different ways. So be open, if you want to use your hands in a constructive way - literally. When you build something real, you gain an increased understanding of your abilities. Even if you only live a more active lifestyle today, you are building up your ego enormously. So move.

At the moment you feel completely at the mercy of your partner. But do not hold back! Basically, it gives you the kick you need, which would be good for your relationship. Do not hesitate to give your sweetheart the most valuable in a relationship: trust and affection! In this way, affectionately loving hours together are more likely.

With the ability to make the most reasonable and targeted decisions, you will always find the exact way to handle them. Do not let yourself become self-assured or careless, it is always worthwhile to look at important things in peace and carefully consider all the consequences before you put them into practice.
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