Gemini Horoscope 23rd January 2019

Your patience will be put to the test today if someone presses the pause button on some of their most exciting plans - again. They have tried not to be fleeting, but unfortunately not everyone else is capable of doing so. Other people let you pay for their bad planning. This is a harsh reality that you need to work through now, and it may be a good reason to think seriously about changing your social circle a bit.

If you are in a committed relationship, you want to make it permanent. They get excited about the idea of ​​belonging to one person and one person only. As long as you do not overwhelm your partner with this attitude, that's no problem. You can show them how great your love is, and share your wonderfully sparkling world with the man or woman of your dreams! You will see, at the moment nobody can stop you from sharing your luck.

Do you feel like hugging the whole world? Then do it. Start with your friends and family. All these old arguments and problems are forgotten and forgiven so that you can focus on the important things in life. Share your love and cordiality with people who really mean a lot to you.
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