Taurus Horoscope 24th January 2019

At the moment your position among your friends is extremely high - you have a lot of influence over others, and there is nothing wrong with making it easier or creating a stronger sense of harmony among all. You are the group leader, whether this fact is formally recognized or not. There is something about your personality that encourages and inspires loyalty. Be proud of yourself because you can inspire without intimidating anyone.

To relieve the stress that you may feel, you can playfully approach life and try to brighten your situation. However, do not expect to receive too much recognition for your efforts. Whatever you do, you'll be scrutinized, your motives examined, and you'll have to defend all your actions.

Do not reject your loved one when he or she asks the dreaded question, "What's wrong with you today?". If you only hear a short "nothing" accompanied by a face, as long as it is a violin, you will only stir up the trouble of your partner. It is no shame to put up with your bad temper and irritability. Of course you will be asked why. But having a person you trust and can talk to can be a gift.
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