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5 TV And Media Celebrity Who Are British Pakistanis

Defeating a place in the media is hard enough without being a British Pakistani. However, the representation of British Pakistanis has increased over the decades on television and in the media.

British Pakistani creatives and artists are working tirelessly to make a name for themselves in the mainstream. Many are breaking traditional barriers facing the South Asian community in the creative sector.

These actors not only represent the British Pakistan Diaspora. They also explore popular roles that are diverse and enjoyed by all.

From television to the media, they create new narratives and inspire younger generations. With a lot of hard work, a creative career is very possible. This breakthrough in diversification in the creative industry should be celebrated.

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Noreen Khan
Noreen Khan is a celebrity presenter on the BBC Asian Network since 2007 and was tormented by her bubbly personality.

Khan met from then on prominent celebrities. Amitabh Bachchan and the international Korean pop sensation BTS are a few. Noreen is more than just a presenter. She is a strong and determined woman. She says:

I'm never confused by hard work or the trials and hardships of life.

"I tend to stay pretty quiet. From an early age, I knew that I would make my own money. "I would be independent, I would not rely on my parents supporting me or a man or anyone else. It would always come from me. "

In addition to presenting Khan also tries on stand-up comedy. In 2017, she hosted a comedy night with three other South Asian women.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, she took her show on tour. She uses her desi education and narratives to crack cultural jokes.

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Alyy Khan

Similar to the art, Alyy Khan was born in Pakistan, but moved to England at the age of nine in 1979.

As an actor shows Khan's versatility in his roles. They range from working in Hollywood for A Mighty Heart (2007) as Sheikh Omar to Bollywood in Don 2 (2011) as JK Diwan alongside Shahrukh Khan.

His success is also important on British television. He has appeared in popular shows such as The Bill (ITV) and Indian Summers (Channel 4) with Ramu Sood.

In addition, Alyy is regularly screened in dramas broadcast on all major Pakistani television stations.
"We as humans are more understanding of each other. We need to work more together because it's a symbiotic relationship for everyone.

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Mehreen Baig

Mehreen Baig is an emerging creative artist from Tottenham in London. As a British Pakistani, she is a blogger and has been on the BBC several times.

In 2016, Baig featured on the BBC documentary as we Muslims.

She shared with ten other people to discuss identity and integration. This documentary was awarded the BAFTA TV Award in 2017.

Mehreen has also presented the documentary Lost Boys? What's wrong with Asian men (BBC: 2018)? This examined the British Pakistani narrative in England.

Although Mehreen received criticism for his bad character, he spoke out against critics. "Sugar coating problems and the inability to recognize real problems in the Community are not beneficial to the Community.

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Shazia Mirza

Speaking of comedians: Shazia Mirza. Once a science teacher, she left her old career behind to devote herself to the arts. She now works as a writer, presenter and comedian.

She became aware of her outrageous satirical stand-up in public. Her comedy refers both to her Pakistani education and to the then social climate of the country.

In addition to the comedy she presented the documentary F *** from I am a hairy woman (BBC: 2007). This was based on ideas of self-image and trust in women with a humorous flair.

Mirza does not shy away from controversial topics. Instead, she uses laughter as a tool to bring about social change.

Shazia is also a regular columnist for leading newspapers such as The Guardian and The New Statesmen. While Mirza is a writer, entertainer and presenter, she strives for more. "I'd like to go to Hollywood, sit in a sitcom, write a book, do theater in the West End.

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Rizwan Ahmed

Rizwan, better known as Riz Ahmed, is an award-winning film and television actor.Ahmed's film career began with the role of Michael Winterbottom in The Road to Guantanamo (2006).

He also played Gary in the television movie Freefall (BBC: 2009). His legacy, however, became international fame following his role as Omar in Four Lions (2010). The fundamentalist satirical comedy won several awards.

Riz got his main break with Rogue One (2016), the first movie in the new Star Wars band.

The significant influence of Star Wars on pop culture is undeniable. With this heritage, Ahmed's role as a Bodhi Rook is a remarkable accomplishment.

Riz is still passionate about representing his own Pakistani diaspora. He wrote and directed the short film Daytimer (2014) about a Pakistani boy who balanced his two identities.

He starred in the award-winning series The Night Of (2016). The miniseries follows the story of an American from Pakistan who is unjustly charged with murder and wants justice.

Ahmed was the first Asian-born actor to win an Emmy Prize for The Night Of 2017. Ahmed has created a place on a global scale, along with a narrative for the British Pakistani youth. Riz talked to BBC about his upbringing and said:

"If you can make peace with living in a kind of no-man's-land, you realize that I may not have a passport in my own place. Maybe there is no place where I belong.

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