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The Best Events Offered This Week: Hollywood

As an actor, finding inspiration is only half the fun (and sometimes half the battle). This week's events are designed to spark fire and build your passion through conversations, demonstrations and even tours that highlight the best that Hollywood has to offer its community.

Go behind the scenes of the world famous Egyptian theater.
We mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating, because it's an absolute Hollywood experience, especially for actors who want to get a glimpse into the history of the industry. Few venues are as famous as the glorious Egyptian theater built by Sid Grauman in 1922.

Many of the film screenings and special events that we create in our own Intermission series take place in the sacred walls. On January 19th you will have the rare opportunity to look behind the scenes of the Egyptian and to see the little nooks and crannies normally forbidden to visitors. (7-9 $)

Sing with Queen and "Bohemian Rhapsody".
"Bohemian Rhapsody" proves to be one of the most unlikely movie sensations lately. First, he dominated the box office before cleaning up the Golden Globes. The next step, as we all know, is Oscar fame.

Watch the movie exploring the legendary story of Queen and the life of enigmatic frontman Freddie Mercury. The SAG Foundation is organizing a special sing-along on 19 January. Train these pipes with your fellow actors and have fun with your film community! (Free for union members)

Discover one of Hollywood's most female-dominated decades: the 1920s.
During Hollywood's silent movie era, women had more power than ever before and became writers, studio founders, and showrunners in important films of the time and immediately thereafter. Research shows that in 1923, women were numerically superior when it came to operating independent picture houses. Everything had changed in the sound age.

 Join the academy on the 17th of January. She explores what happened to these women and shows some of the most prolific films of the day, as well as a conversation with Academy film scholar Jane Gaines, the author of a new book on the subject, "Pink-Slipped: What about women happened in the silent film industry? " (Free).

Learn how a professional entertainment writer develops character for page and screen.
Nina Sadowsky's curriculum vitae includes past positions as a consumer entertainment advocate, film manager, and film producer, as well as her current role as a lecturer in production and screenwriting at USC. She is also a novelist and is currently recruiting for the forthcoming, forthcoming book, The Burial Society.

On January 23, a conversation with L.A.L.A. Sandra Ann Miller, founding member of the company, discusses how Sadowsky's past in the entertainment industry has influenced her decision as a writer and how she takes characters from the page and shows them on screen. You'll surely stop treats for your own character development. (Free).

Hear how Cybill Shepherd talks about her new movie and incredible career.
From "Taxi Driver" to her eponymous sitcom from the 90s, Shepherd has long since established itself as the leading actress in the US, who can really "do everything". With the great James Brolin and Pam Grier at the Ahrya Fine Arts Center in Beverly Hills, followed by an interview with Shepherd. She will surely touch not only her new project, a love story about a former cop and a cowboy, but also her successful career. (7-13 $)

Virgil Abloh, Michael Jackson And The History Of Male Fashion Harnesses

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Is it a bib or a harness? That was the question we all had to think about two weeks ago, after Beautiful Boy's star Timothée Chalamet wore an embellished accessory over his tight black button-down at the Golden Globes. Technically, and according to Louis Vuitton's PR team, it was a bib, but that did not stop the vast majority of Chalamet fans from referring to him as a harness.

That's because it's very similar to what used to be called male fashion harness, which in the past comprised bib-type machines that looked as if they were designed for either a parachute or some sort of S & M action. Furthermore, the man who designed Chalamet's accessory is the modern figurehead for harness, bib, skydiver for men, whatever you want to call it.

Virgil Abloh showed harness for his debut in Spring 2019 as the creative director of men's clothing at Louis Vuitton, and celebrities such as Chalamet and Chadwick Boseman have since tested them on the red carpet. Abloh himself is known from time to time to wear a T-shirt over a T-shirt.

On the day Abloh unveils his new Michael Jackson Line lineup for LV, one has to wonder how and why this personal obsession arose from him.

The King of Pop was known to wear crockery in 1993 to perform in the Super Bowl, a gilded, military-inspired version that became one of Jackson's most memorable stage ensembles. Before MJ made it look cool, men's belts became staples of the leather bar scene in a queer culture. It is a product of sexual fetish that has finally entered the creative consciousness through artists such as Tom of Finland, architect Peter Marino,

musicians Marilyn Manson and Madonna, and most recently by Lil Uzi Vert. Fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood, Helmut Lang, Alexander McQueen and Rick Owens were also fascinated by the body equipment.

Westwood brought bondage into the mainstream when she opened her sex fetish boutique in London in 1974. This idea infiltrated the collections of designers who adopted the traditional men's fashion codes (dress tight and shirts) and attached a harness to it. Lang did so many times with minimal white harnesses on bare models wearing only flawlessly cut black pants.

 McQueen put on men in overalls, and Owens added a one-shoulder version to a male rock-and-sleeveless T-shirt combination. Other literal interpretations were created by designers who often used S & M as an inspirational starting point in their collections, including Jeremy Scott and Shayne Oliver.

Abloh's iteration is not sexually outdated, but it has deep connections to S & M's runway plays and those worn by pop culture icons, including Abloh's current muse, Jackson. For the fall of 2019, the designer may have hit the crockery only with huge leather sashes and a bulletproof, vest-like piece, but the atmosphere still plays a big part in its aesthetics.

And as the season of awards rises and more and more male actors emerge in LV-branded harnesses (bibs?), The opportunity for men's belts to increase in 2019 is opening up. If anyone can do that, then Abloh: designer, artist, DJ, master of male fashion harnesses.

A Pakistani Model Weds With Her Turkish Friend: Fia Khan

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The Pakistani model and actor Sofia Khan, better known as Fia Khan, heralds the new year by building a knot on Wednesday with her Turkish boyfriend Tolga Erken in Germany.

Teefa's actress in Trouble hosted her wedding ceremony in a Berlin hotel with her great colleague from Turkey at her side on Wednesday.

The actress from Besharam posted the news of her wedding on Instagram with a picture of newly wed couples cutting a cake titled "I'm Yours, Tolga Erken".

The model featured a golden Lehnga choli, designed by Rana Noman Haq, along with Deeya Jewelery.

On the other side, the groom rocked a black Sherwani designed by Fas Designs.

Fia, who had been engaged to Tolga since August 2017, had previously lost the hint that her previous marriage did not end well.

"I always laughed when some of my friends said," Sometimes you have to kiss some ugly frogs in your life to find your prince. "Well, I really believe it, because I never thought I'd ever fall in love, trust, or believe in a relationship again ... but as they say, the best relationships are the ones you never saw coming ..." she explained ,

Arshad Warsi Did Not Know That His "Fraud Saiyyan" Colleague Is A Pakistani

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Pakistani actress Sara Loren is ready for her Bollywood comeback in an upcoming film directed against Arshad Warsi in Fraud Saiyaan.

The film was in a legal matter that had left it deadlocked for several years, where the dreaded Uri attacks took place and Pakistani artists were banned in Indian films.

Now that the movie is due to be released, its lead actress Sara Loren can not promote the movie because of the ban. Earlier, Loren spoke to the English newspaper "Mid-Day": "I wish I could come to my team members in India at this time. It's wonderful to sit on a couch, have a coffee and repeat my song [film]. Hopefully I will join my team before the release of the film. "

Recently, Arshad had a conversation with "Zoom Tv" officials, asking if his co-star wanted to come to India to promote their film.

Arshad responded that during the shoot he did not know which country she belonged to.

"I do not know that she was a Pakistani. That's the sad part (laughs). I always thought she was from Muscat or something like that. "

Warsi also added, "She's cheating! (laughs) I've always thought she's from Muscat, because I think I asked her once, she told me that she's from somewhere. So I was like, "Oh, okay". So I did not know that. I hope that it (her Indian visa) happens before the 18th (date of publication of Fraud Saiyaan). If she gets a visa for the 19th, it's useless (laughs), "he said.

The film industry can thrive only when actors are viewed with respect: Meera

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Pakistani actress Meera has expressed her desire to work with Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan. The outspoken celebrity made these comments while talking to the media during a visit to an academic institution.

There she expressed that she wants to get out and work with SRK. Meera said she is currently writing a book that will rejuvenate people's interest in the Pakistani film industry. When asked, the actress answered that English was her favorite subject, and if she had been a teacher and had not been an actress, she would have taught children in secondary schools and colleges. "I also love the Persian language," she added.

The movie star demanded that the government provide artists and their families with free medical facilities. The actor also revealed that her new movie "Baaji" would be released soon.

The actor said that her mother belonged to the education sector and always wanted to give her children a good education. The filmmaker called on the government to provide artists and their families with free medical facilities. The actor also revealed that her new movie "Baaji" would be released soon.

"There should be an acting academy in our country," the lollywood artist said, adding, "The film industry can shine when acting is viewed with respect."

Meera expresses her desire to work with Shahrukh Khan. Meera received a Sindhi ajrak and a cap at the end of the Q & A session.

This is not the first time Meera has talked about working with SRK. A few months ago, the actor tweeted, "I was once asked by a LA Times reporter - if you're a superstar, when will Shah Rukh Khan trade with you? I said, "No, the price is too high to earn the privilege of owning yourself.

I own myself and I will decide when to trade with him. SRK responded to this tweet in his usual chivalrous manner: "She is a better actress than Priyanka Chopra and asked Universal Studios to consider her in her forthcoming show.

Will Ali Zafar be seen in a Bollywood movie soon? That's what the Pakistani actor says

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Ali Zafar made his Bollywood debut with Tere Bin Laden in 2010, and the Pakistani actor shot seven Indian films over the years. But after the attacks in J & K's Uri in 2016, which killed 19 Indian soldiers, the problems in India began to brew. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and the Indian Film Producers' Association (IMPPA) declared an unofficial ban on Pakistani artists in India. However, Ali is confident that he will soon be able to record a project in Bollywood.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, the actor whose last Bollywood film was Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt actor Dear Zindagi, he says he is an idealist and sees a silver lining in every situation.

He adds, "I think everything happens for a reason, and you need to get the most out of this situation and apply it to get a better tomorrow. And I think the future is bright ... I believe in the power of love. I have always given love to India and I have always received love. "

Ali made his acting debut in Pakistan with his in-house production Teefa In Trouble, released in July 2018. The film became a great success and was also the most watched Pakistan movie released on a non-festive weekend.

"Celebrity" lineup for "Big Brother: Celebrity Edition" announced: Wait a minute, he is not the former director of the White House communication?

The "celebrities" just announced for CBS's "Big Brother: Celebrity Edition" are usually the kind of fringe characters that are ridiculed in shows of their kind: actors, singers and comedians who have not been particularly busy lately , Relatives and Relatives House guests of the rich and famous and a number of personalities from the world of sport. There is also a former communications director of the White House.

But we can say we have at least heard of most. Of the twelve celebrities announced at the weekend, three or four are sports stars: former NFL player Ricky Williams, Olympian Ryan Lochte and Lolo Jones, and possibly former WWE wrestler Natalie Eva Marie, depending on whether you believe that WWE Wrestling one is sport.

Some are of the variety of "celebrities after unification" - Kato Kaelin appears here, and Dina Lohan is on board (crew is referred to as "Momager").

Anthony Scaramucci, aka "The Mooch," the financier who had a brief and tumultuous lead in 2017 as communications director for the Trump White House - perhaps the most famous person in the house -.

Throw in Tom Green, Joey Lawrence, Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burruss, and Jonathan Bennett ... and it will be a lot of fun because why would one of them hold back?

It's the second season of "Big Brother: Celebrity Edition" and will be premiered on Monday and Tuesday, January 21st and 22nd, with a two-night event. House guests will fight for a grand prize of $ 250,000.

A Legend Pakistani tv Actress Safia Khairi Passed Away

Pakistani television actress Safia Khairi died on Saturday night at the age of 86 in Karachi. The news of her sad dismissal was shared in social media by her daughter Umber Khairi.

Umber Khairi, posted on Twitter: My mother  has a long and interesting life behind her. Beautiful, compassionate, opinionated woman with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Safia Khairi, known as Khairi Begum, began in 1992 with the acting series Kasak by Haseena Moeen, in which she played the role of grandmother "Bi Amma". And that became her trademark. She has been part of many popular television series including Bund Galli, Chandni Raatein and Pal Do Pal.

Khairi's husband Saad Rashidul Khairi was a diplomat and spent much of his life outside of Pakistan. He died six years ago. Safia Khairi is survived by three children and two grandchildren.

Safia Kheri was born in 1932 in Lucknow, where her father served in the provincial government. She had emigrated to Pakistan with her family after the division in 1947. Your migration experience was shared some time ago in the partition archives, which says:

"Safia Khairi and her family spent some time in the refugee camp at Palam Airport in Delhi. In early September, they finally traveled to Delhi airport to catch their flight. On the way, she remembers how they felt bad when she saw all the burned cars and slaughtered corpses scattered all over the place.

When they finally boarded the plane, for most of them it was the first flight experience, including the kids. Safia describes a funny incident in which her older brother was involved, remembering that her brother felt too hot in the plane and just opened the airplane window when he took off, so the pilot had to stop and bring the plane back. Then they boarded another flight and ended up in Karachi. "